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Dr. Alford is a native of Vicksburg, MS and is the Assistant Director of the Franz T. Stone Laboratory at the Ohio State University. Under the auspices of the Ohio Sea Grant College and OSU, Stone Lab is the oldest freshwater field station in the U.S. and remains dedicated to conducting cutting edge aquatic research, education, and extension in the Lake Erie basin.  Please visit the Stone Lab website for more information on research activities, college course offerings, K-12 educational field trips on Lake Erie, and more.  Dr. Alford's research and teaching interests include ecology, conservation, and management of freshwater fishes, mussels, and other benthic invertebrates. 

B.S., Univ. of Southern Mississippi, 1997 | M.S., Univ. of Southern Mississippi, 2005 | Ph.D., Mississippi State University, 2008

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